About the Astrologer

CK Simmons has long had an interest in astrology. “I first really learned about it,” she says, “when I was about 10. I picked up an old astrology book I found in the house. It was something my parents had bought together for fun when they were in college. But it was actually quite a thorough introduction to astrology and I still refer to it.”

While continuing to learn about the subject – “I voraciously read everything I came across that mentioned astrology”- she took the “normal” career route, earning a creative writing degree from a liberal arts college, and worked in journalism and public relations for several years.

Still, astrology remained a passion – if a private one. And over the years she found herself creating charts for her friends and interpreting the latest astrological trends in their lives and her own. And she loved it.

“I would find myself,” she remembers, “getting a call from a friend who’d ‘met someone’ and wondered how compatible they would be. Or someone would want me to look in his chart and see why he was having a rough time lately. And then of course anytime my circle of friends added someone new, I got out my ephemeris and did their birth chart. And then that person would read it and start asking me to do charts for their friends and family.”

It became expected that she would do all this, she says, “but the truth is, if they hadn’t asked, I would’ve offered since it was such a pleasure for me to do. Not only was it personally gratifying to me when I was able to help someone understand themselves and their choices in life a little better – each and every chart is fascinating to me. I can’t wait to see how each one turns out – every one is like a book that you can’t put down till it’s finished.”

After all these years offering her services to friends and family, she has now decided to make herself available to do the same for others interested in learning more about astrology and themselves.

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